David, Sina and Tobias are the organizers of the conference and contact person in case of any questions.
We share the opinion that Liechtenstein, as a key player in the financial industry, also represents a great platform for FinTechs and Insurtechs because of its ecosystem and the short decision paths. The expertise in the financial sector as well as the economic well-being of the country offer a great basis for further development. We believe that the combination of this know-how and latest developments in the financial industry will benefit from each other and help Liechtenstein to be a key player in the financial sector of the future as well.

Mission aims at rising awareness of the topic FinTech in the financial market in Liechtenstein. In addition, it is our goal to foster the knowledge about financial technology and anchor the topic area in the financial center. Hence, we strive to create a platform that allows the exchange of knowledge between traditional and well-established businesses in the financial- as well as insurance sector and newly founded companies. 

Origin and Development

Based on the advancing digitalization of the financial industry, was founded in 2015. The first conference was held directly in September 2015 to kick off the process to rise awareness.  In September 2016, the second conference took place as a two-day event in cooperation with the Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein attracting more than 250 people. Since 2016, the government of the Principality of Liechtenstein has taken over the patronage of the FinTech conference.