The FinTech Conference took place on the 27th of September 2017 in SAL in Schaan following the topic: 

Survival in a digital Future


The main goal of the conference was, as also in previous years, to sensitize the financial centre Liechtenstein increasingly for the topic FinTech and to establish the knowledge exchange between well established businesses in the financial sector and newly found companies. Due to the increased interest outside of Liechtesntein, the conference was held in English for the first time to offer external participants the possibility to participate in the discussions.

Therewith, we were able to position the financial center beyond national borders as attractive location for FinTech companies worldwide. 


Contentwise, the topic went along the slogan „Survival in a digital future“. Therefore, key challenges of financial service providers were presented which come with the digital transformation in a hyperagile and globally engaging world. In addition, we offered insights into global FinTech Hotspots, presented specific Use Casses for new technologies such as Blockchain as well as best practice exapmles of successful financial service providers and startups. 

Furthermore, participants attended workshops which covered topics such as PSD2, User Experience & Design Thinking as well as Security.


We would like to thank again greatly our supporters and sponsors, here especially Grant Thornton and the Government fo the Principality of Liechtenstein, who took over the patronage of the conference once more.