Sascha Ragtschaa

Sascha Ragtschaa

Sascha started software engineering at the age of 16. Over the past 17 years he worked as the Regional CIO for the largest global share registry and transfer agency provider in the world and held various technology leadership roles in Europe, Australia and North America. Last year he co-founded “OWN”, a global technology company based in Liechtenstein, focusing on security tokens and primary equity issuance, share registration, secondary market trading and equity holder relationship management – all running on its own hybrid blockchain. Having conducted a very successful ICO in 2017, OWN is now helping to transform the equity market: stock exchanges, crypto exchanges, banks, brokers and small to medium enterprises are utilizing the OWN ecosystem to raise capital, tokenize equity assets and to manage its issuer and investor base.

Security Tokens – a $10 trillion industry. How it works, what you need to consider.

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Whilst ICO’s have risen at an astonishing rate over the past 2 years, growth and progress has stalled significantly this year. The ICO project graveyard is full of failed projects, and contributor sentiment is low. Regulation across the world is catching up, cracking down on a number of ICO projects, and all for the right […]