Yassin Hankir

Yassin Hankir

Yassin is FinTech entrepreneur and enthusiast. He is Founder and CEO of savedroid, Co-Host of the Frankfurt FinTech Meetup, and also co-founded the robo-advisor vaamo back in 2013. Before becoming a FinTech entrepreneur, he worked as strategy consultant at McKinsey & Company, Inc. During his consulting job his focus was on retail and private banking, especially growth strategies, product development and implementation, as well as marketing and distribution. He worked for 2 years in the Frankfurt office and another 2 years in the Singapore office of McKinsey. Yassin completed his master in Economics and Ph.D. in Finance at Goethe-University Frankfurt.

Fireside Chat: Everything you need to know about the last year with savedroid.

Conference Room

We’ll take a deep dive into the last year’s ups and downs of savedroid, their ICO, the big marketing move and the current developments. Let’s talk some facts.