Speaker’s Preview: Yassin Hankir, CEO savedroid in our Fireside Chat talking about 1 year with savedroid

We talked to Dr. Yassin Hankir, CEO of savedroid about his upcoming chat at the Finance meets Future Conference and why Liechtenstein matters to him.

The fireside chat is about the following topic:
We’ll take a deep dive into the last year’s ups and downs of savedroid, their ICO, the big marketing move and the current developments. And we won’t go easy but want to hear the true stories. 


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What do you currently do as your profession and which topics are of relevance for you?

I’m Founder & CEO of savedroid, Co-Host of the FinTech Meetup Frankfurt, and FinTech & Cryptocurrency Enthusiast by ❤. As savedroid wants to provide easy access to cryptocurrencies for everyone – absolutely no crypto exchange signup, wallet setup, and private key handling required, I’m interested in all topics around Cryptocurrencies, User Experience, Bank Partnerships, and Regulation.


What is it that conference participants can learn from your talk?

My goal is to engage with the audience by openly sharing some real war stories of the savedroid ICO. I’m more than happy to controversially discuss the highlights, our fuckups, and lessons learned. Also, let’s take a step back and talk about the sustainability of the ICO market in the area of conflict between trust vs. scam. And of course, I will talk about the democratization of crypto – how it can happen and what role user experience will play.


Why are you interested in the location of Liechtenstein ?

I’m thrilled by Liechtenstein’s vision of becoming the Crypto-Country. The dedication, quality, and speed of achieving this goal is truly unique and will create significant opportunities for Liechtenstein. I’m convinced that Liechtenstein will be a place to be in the Crypto-World. We as savedroid with our local office at the House of Blockchain are very proud to be part of this success story.



Yassin is FinTech entrepreneur and enthusiast. He is Founder and CEO of savedroid, Co-Host of the Frankfurt FinTech Meetup, and also co-founded the robo-advisor vaamo back in 2013. Before becoming a FinTech entrepreneur, he worked as strategy consultant at McKinsey & Company, Inc. During his consulting job his focus was on retail and private banking, especially growth strategies, product development and implementation, as well as marketing and distribution. He worked for 2 years in the Frankfurt office and another 2 years in the Singapore office of McKinsey. Yassin completed his master in Economics and Ph.D. in Finance at Goethe-University Frankfurt.


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