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in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

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Join us to explore how we can draw the dots between tech, finance, web3, longevity, and sustainability. Remove the paywall from science and technological development and create appropriate regulation to promote innovation while protecting individuals. admits a maximum of only 300 humans.

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"We provide a place to create new things! We have to change principles - a radical change has to happen, so it is not about solutions it’s about questions we have to answer - we provide the playground to inspire, challenge, and provoke thoughts."

Key Facts about Conference 


Roundtables, Keynotes, Workshops & Exhibitions by Leading Experts.

Learning & Development

Learn from the best: Leaders, Innovators, Founders, Challengers, Pioneers and Boundary-breakers will join us on stage.


Meet the future:
Startups, Business Angels, VCs, Family Offices, Corporates, Politicians & Regulatory Authority.


Be part of something New and Innovative. Become an Early Adopter and learn about the latest trends in our future Human Agenda.



Get funding, acquire new customers and recruit talent!


Meet tomorrow’s unicorns, and fellow investors and recruit talents!

Young Talents

Score an internship, meet your co-founder, or simply get inspired!


Meet other leading players, innovative startups, and empower young minds!

Meet tomorrow’s Unicorns, fellow Investors, and recruit Talents!

Our Focus.​


We assess the likely needs and drivers of the industry, including global regulations, investment and humans behavior, as well as the acceptance of new technological developments such as DAOs and DeFi in the web3 industry and
anti-aging research and virtual identity living in the longevity industry.

Microeconomic Perspective

We examine which innovations, new players, and business models are currently emerging, which industry opportunities and challenges we will have to deal with, and why it is crucial that experts from different backgrounds come together and start to invest and discuss how to solve challenges, mitigate potential risks, and imply adequate user protection measures.

Explore how we can draw the dots between tech, finance, web3, longevity, and sustainability in order to solve financial problems in times of crisis, remove the paywall from science, and create adequate regulation to support innovation while protecting the global population.​ Startup Showcase

  • The Startup Showcase, where fintech and web3 take center stage: you have the chance to start drawing the dots:

  • As part of our event, we're excited to host the Startup Showcase, where emerging startups can pitch to a selected group of Investors and Founders. 

  • The Startup Showcase offers a unique opportunity for early-stage startups to deliver a pitch and showcase their ideas, values, and progress to investors keenly interested in the latest developments in fintech and web3. 

  • Only a limited number of startups (10 startups) will be selected, ensuring a compelling pitch for our audience.

The Start-Up package includes:

  • Opportunity to present during Fintechli 2023 Conference Day - 10 minutes

  • Exclusive booth area for presenting Startups 

  • Networking opportunities with investors, founders & researchers

  • Food & Drinks for 2 people

  • Logo on the screens during the Start-Up Showcase and presented on the website & social media.

  • If you're a fintech start-up interested in presenting at the Conference 2023. 

  • Don't miss this chance to showcase your Startup at one of the most exciting Crypto Valley events of the year.

For more information, contact us.

Origin & Development.​

Based on the advancing digitalization of the financial industry, was founded in 2015, where it also has had its first Conference. From there the focus of the conference shifted to a more web3 first approach. In September 2016, the Conference was a two-day event, took place. It was organized in cooperation with the Financial Market Authority of Liechtenstein and attracted more than 250 people. Since 2017 the conference developed into a place to be for international leaders from all around the world in the Web3 & FinTech  Ecosystem. Also, the Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein took over the patronage of the Conference.​

It feels like a once-in-a-lifetime chance for your dreams to come true.

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