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The 2023 conference reveals a promising future for finance in Liechtenstein.


Thank you to our Partners, Speakers, and Attendees who created the story for this year’s success! 

The 2023 Conference reveals a promising future for finance in Liechtenstein


Vaduz, September 15, 2023 - The picturesque Schaan in Liechtenstein hosted the highly anticipated 2023 conference on September 11 and 12. Themed "Drawing the dots - shaping the NEXT HUMAN agenda", the event brought together an illustrious gathering of industry leaders, innovators, investors, and policymakers to set the course for the future of the financial industry.


We are bridging the gap between traditional finance and the web3.

The 2023 conference was a defining moment for the financial ecosystem. At a time when traditional finance is undergoing a profound transformation thanks to blockchain technology and decentralized finance (DeFi), the conference sought to bridge the gap between these two worlds. "By further developing our blockchain law in preparation for MiCAR, the current intensive engagement with other emerging technologies such as AI, and the active promotion of digitalization, we are providing the ground for companies to not only take root but to bear fruit," said Dr. Daniel Risch, head of government of Liechtenstein, in his opening speech. "Liechtenstein is building bridges between the traditional financial world and the rapidly evolving digital landscape and its opportunities."


A top-notch lineup of visionary speakers

The 2023 conference boasted an impressive list of speakers at the forefront of the blockchain revolution. Visionaries such as Marc P. Bernegger, Peter Grosskopf, Christian Angermayer, Marta Piekarska-Geater, Stefan George, Patrick Hansen, Cyrus Fazel, Philipp Zentner, Thomas Nägele, Günther Dobrauz, Emi Lorincz and many more visionary leaders shared their insights and expertise, inspiring attendees with their visions for the future of finance.


Exploring key themes and insights.

The conference offered deep insights into several critical aspects of the financial industry, including DeFi, regulation, Web3, and stablecoins. Attendees explored the challenges and opportunities of bridging the gap between traditional banking and crypto finance.


Market development: acceleration of Web3

The financial industry is experiencing a wave of optimism as companies increasingly venture into the Web3 space. Although development is steady, caution remains a guiding principle. The rapid acceleration in this area has many excited about its potential.


Regulation: navigating a complex landscape

Working with regulators in the Web3 era presents several challenges. Political pressures often lead to a more conservative approach by regulators, and differing regional perspectives on Web3 further complicate matters for global companies.


Diverse use cases: Beyond crypto

Despite cryptocurrency's challenges, the industry thrives in other areas, such as security tokenization, staking (where regulations allow), and loyalty programs.


Swiss-Liechtenstein cooperation: unlocking potential.

The enduring connection between Switzerland and Liechtenstein is poised for a renaissance, especially in light of the upcoming EU MiCA legislation. Liechtenstein's role in the success of Crypto Valley is well known, and its "passporting" capabilities make it an ideal gateway to the European market for the Swiss crypto and digital asset ecosystem.


Longevity: a holistic approach

Recognizing that financial services are not just about money, the conference explored how expanding these services can positively impact individuals and societies.


A look to the future: 2024

The 2023 conference was an essential step in shaping the future of finance in Liechtenstein and beyond. As the financial landscape rapidly evolves, the conference served as a testament to Liechtenstein's commitment to innovation and its central role in the global financial ecosystem.


Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the financial world and mark your calendar for 2024, where a new and completely different experience awaits you. The financial revolution is far from over, and Liechtenstein is poised to play a leading role in the ongoing evolution.

See you soon!

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