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Speakers in 2021

Our Speakers. Your Inspiration.

Our Speakers for this years Conference live in Liechtenstein.


Lars Mangelsdorf is Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer at Swiss FinTech Yokoy which automates spend management for global companies through artificial intelligence. Lars most recently worked as Senior Sales Executive at Zurich-based scale-up Beekeeper. Prior to that, Lars worked in business development at several companies, both in Switzerland and internationally. More about: Yokoy


Lars Mangelsdorf

Paulina Granarova
Co-Founder & CEO @DeepJudge

Paulina is a co-founder and CEO of DeepJudge, an ETH AI Center spin-off focusing on semantic understanding of legal documents. She completed her PhD in Artificial Intelligence at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and prior to that, she studied computer science at EPF Lausanne. Paulina has worked for several years as a research consultant at Google AI Language and Google Brain, specializing in natural language understanding. More about: DeepJudge



Torben Antretter
Co-Founder & Managing Director @RightNow Group

Torben is Co-Founder & Managing Director at RightNow Group, the most successful German LegalTech startup. He has a PhD in finance with strong research connections and is an expert in all aspects of corporate finance. Besides being an entrepreneur, it is especially important to him to pass on his expertise to aspiring founders, which is why he teaches Entrepreneurial Finance at the University of St. Gallen whenever possible. In his free time, Torben can often be found on the tennis court. More about: RightNow Group


Phillip Eischet
Co-Founder & Managing Director @RightNow Group

Phillip is Co-Founder & Managing Director at RightNow Group, the most successful German LegalTech startup. He founded his first digital company, as one of Europe’s biggest One-Click-Hosters, already at the age of 15. Based on this experience, he was able to build up a deep expertise in the field of scalable digital business models early on. Phillip was recently listed as “30 under 30” by Forbes Magazine and started to share his expertise in the podcast “Quarch & Phil”, a podcast for the talents of generation Y & Z. In his free time, he pursues his love of travel, is involved in politics, and is on the road as an international stem cell courier. More about: RighNow Group


Phillip Eischet cover 03.jpeg

Matthias Langer
Partner @actus ag

Matthias Langer is a tax consultant and partner of actus ag. He has been working in the Principality of Liechtenstein since 2008 and founded actus AG in 2016. His consulting focus is on Liechtenstein and German tax law as well as cross-border tax structuring. In addition tax and accounting consulting in the field of cryptocurrencies and tax and accounting advice in the area of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based applications. As a pioneer in this sector, he serves, for example, the first blockchain-based company in Liechtenstein as well as the first STO in the EEA. and, in addition to providing tax advice on new technologies, he also advice on new technologies, he also also provides its own IT services. More about actus ag


Antoine Scalia
CEO @Cryptio

Graduated from HEC Paris, Antoine started to work as a VC before being involved in crypto in 2016. Through Cryptio, that he founded in 2018, Antoine and his team have been committed to drive global crypto adoption by building the back-office infrastructure layer needed for global usage. More about Cryptio


JB_20190204_0001_cryptio_ (1) 2.jpeg

David Dias
Research Director @Protocol Labs

David is the Research Director at Protocol Labs, core engineer, author or co-author of many of the protocols that serve as a base for main Web 3.0 stack, such as IPFS, libp2p, IPLD, multiformats and many others. With formal training in Networks Engineering with a M.Sc in Peer-2-Peer Systems, David has taken multiple parallel paths simultaneously having founded multiple large scale international conferences (i.e. LXJS, Container Camp, IPFS Camp, ArticJS and more), contributed and authored 100s of open source software packages, organised large entrepreneurship programs (i.e. Startup Scholarship, Bet Delta App among others), lectured at University of Lisbon with a course built from ground up on Modern Web Development, and served as a volunteer to many organizations such as IEEE, Kairos, Google and Computer Society. Passionate about innovation, first principles thinking and finding new better ways of overcoming the challenges left by the old, today David focuses on accelerating the innovation pipeline, helping 100s of teams overcoming their technical, organisational and operational challenges. 

More about: Protocol Labs


More Speaker will be announced soon.

Our Speakers. Your Inspiration.
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